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wayland::server::global_t< resource >


#include <wayland-server.hpp>

Inherits wayland::server::global_base_t.

Public Member Functions

global_t (display_t &display, unsigned int version=resource::max_version)
std::function< void(client_t, resource)> & on_bind ()
template<typename resource > bool has_interface ()

Detailed Description

template<class resource>

class wayland::server::global_t< resource >"Global object.

Template Parameters

resource Resource class whose interface shall be used

Definition at line 624 of file wayland-server.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class resource > wayland::server::global_t< resource >::global_t (display_t & display, unsigned int version = resource::max_version) [inline]

Create a global object


display Parent display object
version Interface version

Definition at line 649 of file wayland-server.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename resource > bool wayland::server::global_base_t::has_interface () [inline], [inherited]

Check for specific interface.

Template Parameters

resource Resource class for comparison


true if the global has the same interface as the resource class

Definition at line 613 of file wayland-server.hpp.

template<class resource > std::function< void(client_t, resource)> & wayland::server::global_t< resource >::on_bind () [inline]

Adds a listener for the bind signal.

When a client binds to a global object, registered listeners will be notified, carrying the client_t object and the new resource_t object.

Definition at line 660 of file wayland-server.hpp.


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