vga_getmonitortype - Man Page

returns the monitor type configured


#include <vga.h>

int vga_getmonitortype(void);


This returns the monitor type configered in /etc/vga/libvga.config. This function is really obsolete, as the result is of not much use to the application vga_getmodeinfo(3) and vga_hasmode(3) do already check the monitor type and there are more flexible ways to specify it too.

The return value is one of:


31.5 KHz (standard VGA): does 640x480 in 60Hz vsync.


35.1 KHz (old SVGA): does 800x600 in 56Hz vsync.


35.5 KHz (low-end SVGA, 8514): does 1024x768 in 43Hz vsync interlaced.


37.9 KHz (SVGA): does 800x600 in 60Hz vsync.


48.3 KHz (SVGA non-interlaced): does 1024x768 in 60Hz vsync, non-interlaced.


56.0 KHz (SVGA high frequency): does 1024x768 in 70Hz vsync.


does 1024x768 in 72Hz vsync or even better.

See Also

svgalib(7), vgagl(7), libvga.config(5), mousetest(6), spin(6), vga_init(3), vga_setmode(3), vga_hasmode(3), vga_getmodeinfo(3)


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