upscli_splitaddr - Man Page

split a listening address into its components


#include <upsclient.h>
int upscli_splitaddr(const char *buf, char **hostname,
                               int *port)


The upscli_splitaddr() function takes a pointer to the raw UPS definition buf and returns pointers to dynamically allocated memory in upsname and hostname. It also copies the port number into port.


A listening address definition is specified according to this format:


Definitions without an explicit port value receive the default value of 3493.

Memory Usage

You must free(3) the pointer hostname when you are done with it to avoid memory leaks.

Return Value

The upscli_splitaddr() function returns 0 on success, or -1 if an error occurs.

See Also

upscli_fd(3), upscli_get(3), upscli_readline(3), upscli_sendline(3), upscli_splitname(3), upscli_ssl(3), upscli_strerror(3), upscli_upserror(3)

Referenced By

upscli_connect(3), upsclient(3), upscli_init(3), upscli_splitname(3).

04/02/2024 Network UPS Tools 2.8.2 NUT Manual