upscli_fd - Man Page

Get file descriptor for connection


#include <upsclient.h>
int upscli_fd(UPSCONN_t *ups);


The upscli_fd() function takes the pointer ups to a UPSCONN_t state structure and returns the value of the file descriptor for that connection, if any.

This may be useful for determining if the connection to upsd(8) has been lost.

Return Value

The upscli_fd() function returns the file descriptor, which may be any non-negative number.

It returns -1 if an error occurs.

See Also

upscli_connect(3), upscli_strerror(3), upscli_upserror(3)

Referenced By

upscli_connect(3), upscli_disconnect(3), upsclient(3), upscli_init(3), upscli_list_start(3), upscli_readline(3), upscli_sendline(3), upscli_splitaddr(3), upscli_splitname(3), upscli_ssl(3), upscli_strerror(3).

04/26/2022 Network UPS Tools 2.8.0 NUT Manual