unw_step man page

unw_step -- advance to next stack frame


#include <libunwind.h>

int unw_step(unw_cursor_t *cp);


The unw_step() routine advances the unwind cursor cp to the next older, less deeply nested stack frame.

Return Value

On successful completion, unw_step() returns a positive value if the updated cursor refers to a valid stack frame, or 0 if the previous stack frame was the last frame in the chain. On error, the negative value of one of the error-codes below is returned.

Thread and Signal Safety

unw_step() is thread-safe. If cursor cp is in the local address-space, this routine is also safe to use from a signal handler.


An unspecified error occurred.
Libunwind was unable to locate the unwind-info needed to complete the operation.
The unwind-info needed to complete the operation has a version or a format that is not understood by libunwind.
The instruction-pointer (“program-counter”) of the next stack frame is invalid (e.g., not properly aligned).
The next stack frame is invalid.
Returned if a call to find_proc_info() returned -UNW_ESTOPUNWIND.

In addition, unw_step() may return any error returned by the find_proc_info(), get_dyn_info_list_addr(), access_mem(), access_reg(), or access_fpreg() call-backs (see unw_create_addr_space(3)).

See Also

libunwind(3), unw_create_addr_space(3)


David Mosberger-Tang
Email: dmosberger@gmail.com
WWW: http://www.nongnu.org/libunwind/.

Referenced By

libunwind(3), unw_backtrace(3).

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