unw_get_proc_info_in_range - Man Page

get procedure info in IP range and a frame index table


#include <libunwind.h>

int unw_get_proc_info_in_range(unw_word_t start_ip, unw_word_t end_ip, unw_word_t eh_frame_table, unw_word_t eh_frame_table_len, unw_word_t exidx_frame_table, unw_word_t exidx_frame_table_len,, unw_addr_space_t *as, void *arg);


The unw_get_proc_info_in_range() routine returns the same  kind of auxiliary information about a procedure as  unw_get_proc_info_by_ip(), except that the info is looked up in  instruction pointer (IP) range and frame table instead of just at IP. This  is equally flexible because it is possible to look up the info for an arbitrary  procedure, even if it is not part of the current call chain. However, since it  is more flexible, it also tends to run slower (and often much slower)  than unw_get_proc_info().

Return Value

On successful completion, unw_get_proc_info_in_range() returns 0. Otherwise the negative value of one of the error-codes  below is returned.

Thread and Signal Safety

unw_get_proc_info_in_range() is thread safe. If the local  address space is passed in argument as, this routine is also  safe to use from a signal handler.



An unspecified error occurred.


Libunwind was unable to locate  unwind-info for the procedure.


The unwind-info for the procedure has  version or format that is not understood by libunwind.


An unsupported table encoding was specified.

In addition, unw_get_proc_info_by_ip() may return any  error returned by the access_mem() callback (see  unw_create_addr_space(3libunwind)).

See Also

libunwind(3libunwind), unw_get_proc_info_in_range(3libunwind), unw_create_addr_space(3libunwind), unw_get_proc_name(3libunwind), unw_get_proc_info(3libunwind)


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WWW: http://www.nongnu.org/libunwind/.


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