unw_destroy_addr_space - Man Page

destroy unwind address space


#include <libunwind.h>

void unw_destroy_addr_space(unw_addr_space_t as);


The unw_destroy_addr_space() routine destroys the  address space specified by argument as and thereby releases  all associated resources (such as memory).

Applications must not destroy the local address space  unw_local_addr_space. Attempting to do so results in  undefined behavior (e.g., the application may crash).

See Also

libunwind(3), unw_create_addr_space(3)


David Mosberger-Tang
Email: dmosberger@gmail.com
WWW: http://www.nongnu.org/libunwind/.

Referenced By

libunwind(3), unw_create_addr_space(3), unw_get_accessors(3).

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