unibi_num_from_var man page

unibi_num_from_var, unibi_str_from_var, unibi_var_from_num, unibi_var_from_str ā€” create and inspect unibi_var_t values


 #include <unibilium.h>

 int         unibi_num_from_var(unibi_var_t v);
 const char *unibi_str_from_var(unibi_var_t v);

 unibi_var_t unibi_var_from_num(int i);
 unibi_var_t unibi_var_from_str(char *s);


"unibi_var_from_num" and "unibi_var_from_str" wrap the given int or string in a "unibi_var_t" object for use in unibi_format(3) and unibi_run(3).

unibi_num_from_var(v) returns the number stored in v, which must have been constructed by "unibi_var_from_num". unibi_str_from_var(v) returns the string stored in v, which must have been constructed by "unibi_var_from_str".

It is an error to pass a wrapped string to "unibi_num_from_var" or a wrapped number to "unibi_str_from_var".

See Also

unibi_format(3), unibi_run(3), unibilium.h(3)

Referenced By

unibi_format(3), unibilium.h(3).

The man pages unibi_str_from_var(3), unibi_var_from_num(3) and unibi_var_from_str(3) are aliases of unibi_num_from_var(3).

2018-02-08 unibilium-2.0.0