unibi_from_mem man page

unibi_from_mem ā€” construct a terminal object from a compiled terminfo entry


 #include <unibilium.h>
 unibi_term *unibi_from_mem(const char *p, size_t n);


This function parses a compiled terminfo entry that starts at p and is n bytes long and constructs a "unibi_term" object from it. When you're done with it, you should call "unibi_destroy" to free it.

Return Value

A pointer to a new "unibi_term". In case of failure, "NULL" is returned and "errno" is set.



The passed bytes don't look like a valid terminfo entry.


n is too small for a valid terminfo entry.

See Also

unibilium.h(3), unibi_dump(3), unibi_destroy(3), unibi_from_fp(3), unibi_from_fd(3), unibi_from_file(3), unibi_from_term(3), unibi_from_env(3)

Referenced By

unibi_destroy(3), unibi_dummy(3), unibi_dump(3), unibi_from_fd(3), unibi_from_fp(3), unibilium.h(3).

2017-08-28 unibilium-1.2.1