unibi_del_ext_bool man page

unibi_del_ext_bool, unibi_del_ext_num, unibi_del_ext_str ā€” remove extended capabilities from a terminal object


 #include <unibilium.h>

 void unibi_del_ext_bool(unibi_term *ut, size_t i);
 void unibi_del_ext_num(unibi_term *ut, size_t i);
 void unibi_del_ext_str(unibi_term *ut, size_t i);


Remove an extended boolean, numeric, or string capability. i is the index of the extended capability to act on; it must be less than "unibi_count_ext_bool(ut)", "unibi_count_ext_num(ut)", or "unibi_count_ext_str(ut)", respectively.

See Also

unibilium.h(3), unibi_add_ext_bool(3), unibi_add_ext_num(3), unibi_add_ext_str(3)

Referenced By

unibi_add_ext_bool(3), unibilium.h(3).

2018-02-08 unibilium-2.0.0