umad_init - Man Page

perform library initialization and finalization


#include <infiniband/umad.h>

int umad_init(void);

int umad_done(void);


umad_init() and umad_done() do nothing.

Return Value

Always 0.


Versions prior to release 18 of the library require umad_init() to be called prior to using any other library functions. Old versions could return a failure code of -1 from umad_init().

For compatibility, applications should continue to call umad_init(), and check the return code, prior to calling other umad_ functions. If umad_init() returns an error, then no further use of the umad library should be attempted.


Dotan Barak <>, Hal Rosenstock <>

Referenced By

The man page umad_done(3) is an alias of umad_init(3).

May 21, 2007 OpenIB Programmer’s Manual