umad_get_cas_names - Man Page

get list of available InfiniBand device names


#include <infiniband/umad.h>

int umad_get_cas_names(char cas[][UMAD_CA_NAME_LEN], int max);


umad_get_cas_names() fills the cas array with up to max local IB devices (CAs) names. The argument cas is a character array with max entries, each with UMAD_CA_NAME_LEN characters.

Return Value

umad_get_cas_names() returns a non-negative value equal to the number of entries filled, or -1 on errors.

See Also

umad_get_ca_portguids(3), umad_open_port(3)


Hal Rosenstock <>

Dotan Barak <>

Referenced By

umad_get_ca_portguids(3), umad_open_port(3).

May 21, 2007 OpenIB Programmer's Manual