umad_get_ca_portguids - Man Page

get the InfiniBand device ports GUIDs


#include <infiniband/umad.h>

int umad_get_ca_portguids(char *ca_name, __be64 *portguids, int max);


umad_get_ca_portguids() fills the portguids array with up to max port GUIDs belonging the specified IB device ca_name , or to the default IB device if ca_name is NULL. The argument portguids is an array of max uint64_t entries.

Return Value

On success, umad_get_ca_portguids() returns a non-negative value equal to the number of port GUIDs actually filled. Not all filled entries may be valid. Invalid entries will be 0. For example, on a CA node with only one port, this function returns a value of 2. In this case, the value at index 0 will be invalid as it is reserved for switches. On failure, a negative value is returned.

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