ts_setup - Man Page

find, open and configure a touch screen input device


#include <tslib.h>

struct tsdev *ts_setup(const char *dev_name, int nonblock);


ts_setup() will try to find, open and configure the touch screen device. On success it allocates memory for a new touch screen device, opens and links the input event device to it and loads and initialises all modules configured in the tslib configuration file TSLIB_CONFFILE.

If dev_name is NULL ts_setup() will use the device defined by the TSLIB_TSDEVICE environment variable.

If TSLIB_TSDEVICE is not defined ts_setup() will try to use following devices:


After that we ts_setup() scans /dev/input/event* for the first device with property INPUT_PROP_DIRECT.

Return Value

A pointer to the opened struct tsdev is returned.

See Also

ts_open(3), ts_close(3), ts_read(3), ts_config(3), ts.conf(5)

Referenced By

ts_close_restricted(3), ts_config(3), ts_error_fn(3), ts_fd(3), ts_get_eventpath(3), ts_libversion(3), ts_open(3), ts_open_restricted(3), ts_print_ascii_logo(3), ts_read(3).