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tpm2tss_tpm2data_read - Man Page

tpm2tss_tpm2data_write, tpm2tss_tpm2data_read – read/write TPM2_DATA


#include <tpm2tss.h>

**int tpm2tss_tpm2data_read(const char *filename, TPM2_DATA tpm2Datap);

int tpm2tss_tpm2data_write(const TPM2_DATA tpm2Data, const char filename);


tpm2tss_tpm2data_read reads the TPM2_DATA object from a file called filename, allocates memory and stores it under the parameter tpm2Datap. Must be freed using the free() function.

tpm2tss_tpm2data_write writes the TPM2_DATA object from the parameter tpm2Data to a newly created file called filename.

Return Value

Upon successful completion tpm2tss_tpm2data_write() and tpm2tss_tpm2data_read() return 1. Otherwise 0.


Written by Andreas Fuchs.

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The man page tpm2tss_tpm2data_write(3) is an alias of tpm2tss_tpm2data_read(3).

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