tickit_window_get_geometry - Man Page

query the size and position of a window


#include <tickit.h>

TickitRect tickit_window_get_geometry(const TickitWindow *win);

int tickit_window_top(const TickitWindow *win);
int tickit_window_left(const TickitWindow *win);
int tickit_window_lines(const TickitWindow *win);
int tickit_window_cols(const TickitWindow *win);

int tickit_window_bottom(const TickitWindow *win);
int tickit_window_right(const TickitWindow *win);

Link with -ltickit.


tickit_window_get_geometry() returns the size and position within its immediate parent of the given window. When invoked on a root window, its top left corner will be at zero, and its size will give the size of the underlying terminal.

The four convenience accessors return the four fields of the rectangle structure immediately. They may be implemented as macros.

tickit_window_bottom() gives the line number in the parent where the window stops (i.e. the first line after its content). tickit_window_right() gives the column number in the parent where the window stops.

Return Value

tickit_window_get_geometry() returns a TickitRect structure. The other functions return integers.

See Also

tickit_window_new(3), tickit_window_get_abs_geometry(3), tickit_window_set_geometry(3), tickit_window(7), tickit_rect(7), tickit(7)

Referenced By

tickit_window(7), tickit_window_get_abs_geometry(3), tickit_window_set_geometry(3).

The man pages tickit_window_bottom(3), tickit_window_cols(3), tickit_window_left(3), tickit_window_lines(3), tickit_window_right(3) and tickit_window_top(3) are aliases of tickit_window_get_geometry(3).