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tickit_watch_io - Man Page

invoke a callback when IO is possible


#include <tickit.h>

typedef enum TickitIOCondition;

typedef struct {
  int fd;
  TickitIOCondition cond;
} TickitIOWatchInfo;

typedef int TickitCallbackFn(Tickit *t, TickitEventflags flags,
    void *info, void *user);

void *tickit_watch_io(Tickit *t, int fd, TickitIOCondition cond,
    TickitBindFlags flags, TickitCallbackFn *fn, void *user);

Link with -ltickit.


tickit_watch_io() registers a callback function to be invoked by the toplevel event loop when IO operations are possible on a given file descriptor. A registered callback will be invoked by a running call to tickit_run(3). The callback function will be invoked whenever the file descriptor is readable, writable, or in a hang-up condition, depending on the requested condition types. The info pointer will point to a structure containing the file descriptor and a bitmask of the IO operations currently possible.

The cond argument to tickit_watch_io() should be a bitmask of at least one of the following values:


The file descriptor is ready to perform an input operation, such as reading bytes.


The file descriptor is ready to perform an output operation, such as writing bytes.


The file descriptor is in a hang-up condition. Typically this means that a connection such as a socket or pipe has been closed by the peer.

When the callback function is invoked, the info struct will contain the file descriptor in the fd field, and the current IO conditions in the cond field. This may be one of the values given above, and in addition may also be one of the following:


The file descriptor is in an error condition.


The file descriptor itself is invalid and does not represent an open file.

If registered with the TICKIT_BIND_FIRST flag, the callback will be inserted at the start of the queue, coming before others. If not, it is appended at the end.

If cancelled by tickit_watch_cancel(3) the callback function is invoked with just the TICKIT_EV_UNBIND flag if it had been registered with TICKIT_BIND_UNBIND.

Return Value

tickit_watch_io() returns an opaque identifier pointer.

See Also

tickit_new_stdio(3), tickit_watch_timer_after_msec(3), tickit_watch_timer_at_epoch(3), tickit_watch_later(3), tickit_watch_signal(3), tickit_watch_process(3), tickit_watch_cancel(3), tickit(7)

Referenced By

tickit(7), tickit_watch_later(3), tickit_watch_process(3), tickit_watch_signal(3), tickit_watch_timer_after_msec(3).