tickit_utf8_mbswidth - Man Page

count the column width of a Unicode string


#include <tickit.h>

int tickit_utf8_mbswidth(const char *str);

int tickit_utf8_byte2col(const char *str, size_t byte);
size_t tickit_utf8_col2byte(const char *str, int col );

Link with -ltickit.


These functions are a set of shortcut wrappers around tickit_utf8_count(3) for performing a single simple counting operation on a given string. When performing multiple operations on a given string, it is more efficient to use tickit_utf8_count() directly.

tickit_utf8_mbswidth() returns the number of columns wide the given Unicode string consumes.

tickit_utf8_byte2col() and tickit_utf8_col2byte() convert between byte and column indexes within a given string; returning one when given the other.

Return Value

tickit_utf8_mbswidth() and tickit_utf8_byte2col() return an integer column count. tickit_utf8_col2byte() returns an integer byte count.

See Also

tickit_utf8_count(3), tickit(7)

Referenced By


The man pages tickit_utf8_byte2col(3) and tickit_utf8_col2byte(3) are aliases of tickit_utf8_mbswidth(3).