tickit_termctl_name - Man Page

return the name of a terminal control


#include <tickit.h>

const char * tickit_termctl_name(TickitTermCtl ctl);
TickitTermCtl tickit_termctl_lookup(const char * name);

TickitType tickit_termctl_type(TickitTermCtl ctl);

Link with -ltickit.


tickit_termctl_name() returns the name of the given terminal control. These names are the lowercase strings given in tickit_term(7).

tickit_termctl_lookup() returns the control constant for a given name. If the name is not recognised then -1 is returned.

tickit_termctl_type() returns the type of the given terminal control, as one of the following constants:


The value is an integer representing a simple boolean choice, where any nonzero value is true. Use tickit_term_setctl_int(3) and tickit_term_getctl_int(3).


The value is an integer representing a quantity, or a value in some particular enumeration. Use tickit_term_setctl_int(3) and tickit_term_getctl_int(3).


The value is a string. Use tickit_term_setctl_str(3).

For unrecognised control types, the function returns 0.

Return Value

tickit_termctl_name() returns a constant string pointer. tickit_termctl_lookup() returns an control constant or -1. tickit_termctl_type() returns a control type constant or 0.

See Also

tickit_term(7), tickit(7)

Referenced By


The man pages tickit_termctl_lookup(3) and tickit_termctl_type(3) are aliases of tickit_termctl_name(3).