tickit_rectset_add - Man Page

add an area to a rectangle set


#include <tickit.h>

void tickit_rectset_add(TickitRectSet *trs, const TickitRect *rect);

Link with -ltickit.


tickit_rectset_add() ensures that the regions stored by the rectangle set includes the area given by rect. Since the rectangle set stores a set of non-overlapping regions, it may have to split the newly-added area into smaller pieces, to ensure the regions do not overlap. Since it merges neighbours where possible it can also result in fewer regions being stored.

Return Value

tickit_rectset_add() returns no value.

See Also

tickit_rectset_new(3), tickit_rectset(7), tickit_rect(7), tickit(7)

Referenced By

tickit_rectset(7), tickit_rectset_new(3).