tickit_build - Man Page

create a new toplevel Tickit instance with arguments


#include <tickit.h>

struct TickitBuilder {
  TickitTerm *tt;
  struct TickitTermBuilder term_builder;

Tickit *tickit_build(const struct TickitBuilder *builder);

Link with -ltickit.


tickit_build() creates a new toplevel Tickit instance initialised from the various parameters given in the builder struct. Note that the above definition for the struct is incomplete; the actual struct definition contains more fields than shown as some are for internal purposes. User code should only attempt to interact with those fields documented here.

If the tt field is set, it should contain a TickitTerm instance. If left blank, then one will be constructed by passing the nested term_builder structure to tickit_term_build(3).

Return Value

If successful, tickit_build() returns a pointer to the new instance. On failure, NULL is returned with errno set to indicate the failure.

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