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Portable Threads Abstraction Classes



class SbBarrier
The SbBarrier class implements the 'barrier' multi-thread synchronization technique.
class SbCondVar
A class for synchronizing access to global variables.
class SbFifo
A class for managing a pointer first-in, first-out queue.
class SbMutex
A basic class for managing a mutex.
class SbThreadAutoLock
Simple convenience class for locking access to a function.
class SbRWMutex
class SbStorage
The SbStorage class manages thread-local memory.
class SbTypedStorage< Type >
The SbTypedStorage class manages generic thread-local memory.
class SbThread
A class for managing threads.

Detailed Description

Coin implements a set of abstractions over the native threads data types that can be portably used across all the platforms Coin has been ported to.


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