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th_set_from_stat - Man Page

set fields of a tar file header


#include <libtar.h>

void th_set_from_stat(TAR *t, struct stat *s);

void th_set_type(TAR *t, mode_t mode);

void th_set_path(TAR *t, char *pathname);

void th_set_link(TAR *t, char *linkname);

void th_set_device(TAR *t, dev_t device);

void th_set_user(TAR *t, uid_t uid);

void th_set_group(TAR *t, gid_t gid);

void th_set_mode(TAR *t, mode_t mode);

void th_set_mtime(TAR *t, time_t fmtime);

void th_set_size(TAR *t, off_t fsize);

void th_finish(TAR *t);


This man page documents version 1.2 of libtar.


The th_set_*() functions each set an individual field of the current tar header associated with the TAR handle t.  The th_set_user() and th_set_group() functions set both the numeric user/group ID fields and the user/group name text fields. The other functions set only the field that they refer to.

The th_set_from_stat() function uses the other th_set_*() functions to set all of the fields at once, based on the data passed to it in the argument s.

The th_finish() function sets the appropriate constants for the magic and version fields.  It then calculates the header checksum and fills in the checksum field.

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The man pages th_finish(3), th_set_device(3), th_set_group(3), th_set_link(3), th_set_mode(3), th_set_path(3), th_set_type(3) and th_set_user(3) are aliases of th_set_from_stat(3).

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