termkey_set_waittime - Man Page

control the wait time for multibyte sequences


#include <termkey.h>

void termkey_set_waittime(TermKey *tk, int msec);
int termkey_get_waittime(TermKey *tk);

Link with -ltermkey.


termkey_set_waittime() sets the number of milliseconds that termkey_waitkey(3) will wait for the remaining bytes of a multibyte sequence if it detects the start of a partially-complete one.

termkey_get_waittime() returns the value set by the last call to termkey_set_waittime(), or the default value if a different has not been set.

Return Value

termkey_set_waittime() returns no value. termkey_get_waittime() returns the current wait time in milliseconds.

See Also

termkey_getkey(3), termkey_waitkey(3), termkey(7)

Referenced By

termkey(7), termkey_advisereadable(3), termkey_waitkey(3).