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termkey_set_canonflags - Man Page

control the canonicalisation flags


#include <termkey.h>

void termkey_set_canonflags(TermKey *tk, int newflags);
int termkey_get_canonflags(TermKey *tk);

Link with -ltermkey.


termkey_set_canonflags() changes the set of canonicalisation flags in the termkey(7) instance to those given by newflags. For detail on the available flags and their meaning, see the termkey manpage.

termkey_get_canonflags() returns the value set by the last call to termkey_set_canonflags().

Return Value

termkey_set_canonflags() returns no value. termkey_get_canonflags() returns the current canonicalisation flags.

See Also

termkey_canonicalise(3), termkey(7)

Referenced By

termkey(7), termkey_canonicalise(3).