termkey_push_bytes - Man Page

supply more bytes to the input buffer


#include <termkey.h>

size_t termkey_push_bytes(TermKey *tk, const char *bytes, size_t len);

Link with -ltermkey.


termkey_push_bytes() allows more bytes of input to be supplied directly into the input buffer of the termkey(7) instance. If there was no buffer space remaining then -1 is returned with errno set to ENOMEM.

This function, along with termkey_getkey(3), makes it possible to use the termkey instance with a source of bytes other than from reading a filehandle.

For synchronous usage, termkey_waitkey(3) performs the input blocking task. For use against a regular stream filehandle that supports read(2), see termkey_advisereadable(3).

Return Value

termkey_push_bytes() the number of bytes consumed from the input (which may be smaller than the length provided, if the buffer runs out of space) or -1 cast to size_t if an error occurs, in which case errno is set accordingly.

See Also

termkey_getkey(3), termkey_advisereadable(3), termkey(7)

Referenced By

termkey(7), termkey_advisereadable(3), termkey_get_buffer_remaining(3), termkey_getkey(3).