termkey_lookup_keyname - Man Page

look up a symbolic key value for a string name


#include <termkey.h>

char *termkey_lookup_keyname(TermKey *tk, const char *keyname,
           TermKeySym *sym);

Link with -ltermkey.


termkey_lookup_keyname() looks up the symbolic key value represented by the given string name. This is a case-sensitive comparison. The symbolic value is written to the variable addressed by sym. This function is a more general form of termkey_keyname2sym(3) because it can recognise a symbolic key name within a longer string, returning a pointer to the remainder of the input after the key name.

Because the key names are stored in an array indexed by the symbol number, this function has to perform a linear search of the names. Use of this function should be restricted to converting key names into symbolic values during a program's initialisation, so that efficient comparisons can be done while it is running.

Return Value

termkey_lookup_keyname() returns a pointer to the first character after a recognised name, or NULL if the string does not begin with the name of a recognised symbolic key.

See Also

termkey_get_keyname(3), termkey_keyname2sym(3), termkey_strpkey(3), termkey(7)

Referenced By

termkey(7), termkey_get_keyname(3), termkey_keyname2sym(3).