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termkey_interpret_modereport - Man Page

interpret opaque mode report data


#include <termkey.h>

TermKeyResult termkey_interpret_modereport(TermKey *tk, const TermKeyKey *key, 
    int *initial, int *mode, int *value);

Link with -ltermkey.


termkey_interpret_modereport() fills in variables in the passed pointers according to the mode report event found in key. It should be called if termkey_getkey(3) or similar have returned a key event with the type of TERMKEY_TYPE_MODEREPORT.

Any pointer may instead be given as NULL to not return that value.

The initial variable will be filled with 0 for an ANSI mode report, or '?' for a DEC mode report. The mode variable will be filled with the number of the mode, and value will be filled with the value from the report.

Return Value

If passed a key event of the type TERMKEY_TYPE_MODEREPORT, this function will return TERMKEY_RES_KEY and will affect the variables whose pointers were passed in, as described above.

For other event types it will return TERMKEY_RES_NONE, and its effects on any variables whose pointers were passed in, are undefined.

See Also

termkey_waitkey(3), termkey_getkey(3), termkey(7)

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