termkey_get_buffer_remaining - Man Page

returns the free buffer space


#include <termkey.h>

size_t termkey_get_buffer_remaining(TermKey *tk);

Link with -ltermkey.


termkey_get_buffer_remaining() returns the number of bytes of buffer space currently free in the termkey(7) instance. These bytes are free to use by termkey_push_bytes(3), or may be filled by termkey_advisereadable(3).

Return Value

termkey_get_buffer_remaining() returns a size in bytes.

See Also

termkey_push_bytes(3), termkey_advisereadable(3), termkey_set_buffer_size(3), termkey_get_buffer_size(3), termkey_getkey(3), termkey(7)

Referenced By

termkey(7), termkey_new(3), termkey_set_buffer_size(3).