telnet_event_t_error_t - Man Page



#include <libtelnet.h>

Data Fields

enum telnet_event_type_t _type
const char * file
const char * func
const char * msg
int line
telnet_error_t errcode

Detailed Description

WARNING and ERROR events

Field Documentation

enum telnet_event_type_t telnet_event_t::error_t::_type

alias for type

telnet_error_t telnet_event_t::error_t::errcode

error code

const char* telnet_event_t::error_t::file

file the error occured in

const char* telnet_event_t::error_t::func

function the error occured in

int telnet_event_t::error_t::line

line of file error occured on

const char* telnet_event_t::error_t::msg

error message string


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