tar_block_read - Man Page

macros to call read and write functions for the correct tar archive type


#include <libtar.h>

int tar_block_read(TAR *t, char *buf);

int tar_block_write(TAR *t, char *buf);


This man page documents version 1.2 of libtar.


The tar_block_read() and tar_block_write() macros call the read and write functions for the tar archive type associated with the TAR handle t.  This type is set when the TAR handle is created using tar_open().

Return Value

These macros return the same values as the corresponding read and write functions.

See Also

read(2), write(2), tar_open(3)

Referenced By


The man page tar_block_write(3) is an alias of tar_block_read(3).

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