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tapset::json.3stap - Man Page

systemtap json tapset


The JSON tapset provides probes, functions, and macros to generate
a JSON metadata and data file. The JSON metadata file is located in
/proc/systemtap/MODULE/metadata.json. The JSON data file is located
in /proc/systemtap/MODULE/data.json. The JSON data file is updated
with current data every time the file is read.


Set the metric prefix.

See function::json_set_prefix(3stap)
for details.


Add a numeric metric

See function::json_add_numeric_metric(3stap)
for details.


Add a string metric

See function::json_add_string_metric(3stap)
for details.


Add an array

See function::json_add_array(3stap)
for details.


Add a numeric metric to an array

See function::json_add_array_numeric_metric(3stap)
for details.


Add a string metric to an array

See function::json_add_array_string_metric(3stap)
for details.


Fires whenever JSON data is wanted by a reader.

See probe::json_data(3stap)
for details.


Start the json output.

See macro::json_output_data_start(3stap)
for details.


Output a string value.

See macro::json_output_string_value(3stap)
for details.


Output a numeric value.

See macro::json_output_numeric_value(3stap)
for details.


Output a string value for metric in an array.

See macro::json_output_array_string_value(3stap)
for details.


Output a numeric value for metric in an array.

See macro::json_output_array_numeric_value(3stap)
for details.


End the json output.

See macro::json_output_data_end(3stap)
for details.

See Also

function::json_set_prefix(3stap), function::json_add_numeric_metric(3stap), function::json_add_string_metric(3stap), function::json_add_array(3stap), function::json_add_array_numeric_metric(3stap), function::json_add_array_string_metric(3stap), probe::json_data(3stap), macro::json_output_data_start(3stap), macro::json_output_string_value(3stap), macro::json_output_numeric_value(3stap), macro::json_output_array_string_value(3stap), macro::json_output_array_numeric_value(3stap), macro::json_output_data_end(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap)


April 2024 SystemTap Tapset Reference