strpbrk - Man Page

search a string for any of a set of bytes


Standard C library (libc, -lc)


#include <string.h>

char *strpbrk(const char *s, const char *accept);


The strpbrk() function locates the first occurrence in the string s of any of the bytes in the string accept.

Return Value

The strpbrk() function returns a pointer to the byte in s that matches one of the bytes in accept, or NULL if no such byte is found.


For an explanation of the terms used in this section, see attributes(7).

strpbrk()Thread safetyMT-Safe


POSIX.1-2001, POSIX.1-2008, C99, SVr4, 4.3BSD.

See Also

memchr(3), strchr(3), string(3), strsep(3), strspn(3), strstr(3), strtok(3), wcspbrk(3)

Referenced By

memchr(3), signal-safety(7), strchr(3), string(3), strnstr.3bsd(3), strsep(3), strspn(3), strstr(3), strtok(3), wcspbrk(3).

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