stralloc_readyplus - Man Page

provide space in a stralloc


#include <stralloc.h>

int stralloc_readyplus(stralloc* sa,size_t len);


stralloc_readyplus makes sure that sa has enough space allocated to hold an additional len bytes: If sa is not allocated, stralloc_ready allocates at least len bytes of space, and returns 1. If sa is already allocated, but not enough to hold len additional bytes, stralloc_ready allocates at least sa->len+len bytes of space, copies the old string into the new space, frees the old space, and returns 1. Note that this changes sa.s.

If stralloc_readyplus runs out of memory, it leaves sa alone and returns 0.

Return Value

1 for success, 0 on memory allocation failure.

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