std::recursive_timed_mutex - Man Page


#include <mutex>

Inherits __recursive_mutex_base, and __timed_mutex_impl< recursive_timed_mutex >.

Public Types

typedef __native_type * native_handle_type

Public Member Functions

recursive_timed_mutex (const recursive_timed_mutex &)=delete
void lock ()
native_handle_type native_handle () noexcept
recursive_timed_mutex & operator= (const recursive_timed_mutex &)=delete
bool try_lock () noexcept
template<class _Rep , class _Period > bool try_lock_for (const chrono::duration< _Rep, _Period > &__rtime)
template<class _Clock , class _Duration > bool try_lock_until (const chrono::time_point< _Clock, _Duration > &__atime)
void unlock ()


class __timed_mutex_impl< recursive_timed_mutex >

Detailed Description

The standard recursive timed mutex type.

A recursive mutex that supports a timeout when trying to acquire the lock. A recursive mutex can be locked more than once by the same thread. Other threads cannot lock the mutex until the owning thread unlocks it as many times as it was locked.



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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef __native_type* std::recursive_timed_mutex::native_handle_type

Definition at line 317 of file mutex.

Member Function Documentation

void std::recursive_timed_mutex::lock () [inline]

Definition at line 326 of file mutex.

native_handle_type std::recursive_timed_mutex::native_handle () [inline], [noexcept]

Definition at line 363 of file mutex.

bool std::recursive_timed_mutex::try_lock () [inline], [noexcept]

Definition at line 337 of file mutex.

template<class _Rep , class _Period > bool std::recursive_timed_mutex::try_lock_for (const chrono::duration< _Rep, _Period > & __rtime) [inline]

Definition at line 346 of file mutex.

template<class _Clock , class _Duration > bool std::recursive_timed_mutex::try_lock_until (const chrono::time_point< _Clock, _Duration > & __atime) [inline]

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void std::recursive_timed_mutex::unlock () [inline]

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