std::locale_id - Man Page

Facet ID class.


#include <>

Public Member Functions

id ()
size_t _M_id () const  throw ()


template<typename _Facet > const _Facet * __try_use_facet (const locale &) noexcept
template<typename _Facet > bool has_facet (const locale &)  throw ()
Test for the presence of a facet.
class locale
class locale::_Impl
template<typename _Facet > const _Facet & use_facet (const locale &)
Return a facet.

Detailed Description

Facet ID class.

The ID class provides facets with an index used to identify them. Every facet class must define a public static member locale::id, or be derived from a facet that provides this member, otherwise the facet cannot be used in a locale. The locale::id ensures that each class type gets a unique identifier.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

std::locale::id::id () [inline]



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