std::default_delete - Man Page

std::default_delete< _Tp >


#include <memory>

Public Member Functions

constexpr default_delete () noexcept=default
Default constructor.
template<typename _Up , typename  = _Require<is_convertible<_Up*, _Tp*>>> constexpr default_delete (const default_delete< _Up > &) noexcept
Converting constructor.
constexpr void operator() (_Tp *__ptr) const
Calls delete __ptr

Detailed Description

template<typename _Tp>

struct std::default_delete< _Tp >"Primary template of default_delete, used by unique_ptr for single objects



Definition at line 76 of file unique_ptr.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename _Tp > constexpr std::default_delete< _Tp >::default_delete () [constexpr], [default], [noexcept]

Default constructor.

template<typename _Tp > template<typename _Up , typename  = _Require<is_convertible<_Up*, _Tp*>>> constexpr std::default_delete< _Tp >::default_delete (const default_delete< _Up > &) [inline], [constexpr], [noexcept]

Converting constructor. Allows conversion from a deleter for objects of another type, _Up, only if _Up* is convertible to _Tp*.

Definition at line 89 of file unique_ptr.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename _Tp > constexpr void std::default_delete< _Tp >::operator() (_Tp * __ptr) const [inline], [constexpr]

Calls delete __ptr

Definition at line 94 of file unique_ptr.h.


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