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Public Types

using difference_type = ptrdiff_t
using iterator_category = forward_iterator_tag
using pointer = const tzdb *
using reference = const tzdb &
using value_type = tzdb

Public Member Functions

const_iterator (const const_iterator &)=default
const_iterator (const_iterator &&)=default
reference operator* () const noexcept
const_iterator & operator++ ()
const_iterator operator++ (int)
pointer operator-> () const noexcept
const_iterator & operator= (const const_iterator &)=default
const_iterator & operator= (const_iterator &&)=default
bool operator== (const const_iterator &) const noexcept=default


class tzdb_list

Detailed Description

An iterator into the tzdb_list

As a extension, in libstdc++ each tzdb is reference-counted and the const_iterator type shares ownership of the object it refers to. This ensures that a tzdb erased from the list will not be destroyed while there is an iterator that refers to it.

Definition at line 2711 of file chrono.

Member Typedef Documentation

using std::chrono::tzdb_list::const_iterator::difference_type =  ptrdiff_t

Definition at line 2717 of file chrono.

using std::chrono::tzdb_list::const_iterator::iterator_category =  forward_iterator_tag

Definition at line 2718 of file chrono.

using std::chrono::tzdb_list::const_iterator::pointer =  const tzdb*

Definition at line 2716 of file chrono.

using std::chrono::tzdb_list::const_iterator::reference =  const tzdb&

Definition at line 2715 of file chrono.

using std::chrono::tzdb_list::const_iterator::value_type =  tzdb

Definition at line 2714 of file chrono.

Member Function Documentation

pointer std::chrono::tzdb_list::const_iterator::operator-> () const [inline], [noexcept]

Definition at line 2727 of file chrono.


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