std::__detail::_Hash_node_value_base man page

std::__detail::_Hash_node_value_base< _Value > —


Inherits std::__detail::_Hash_node_base.

Inherited by std::__detail::_Hash_node< _Value, false >, and std::__detail::_Hash_node< _Value, true >.

Public Types

typedef _Value value_type

Public Member Functions

_Value & _M_v () noexcept

const _Value & _M_v () const noexcept

_Value * _M_valptr () noexcept

const _Value * _M_valptr () const noexcept

Public Attributes

_Hash_node_base * _M_nxt

__gnu_cxx::__aligned_buffer< _Value > _M_storage

Detailed Description

template<typename _Value>

struct std::__detail::_Hash_node_value_base< _Value >" struct _Hash_node_value_base

Node type with the value to store.

Definition at line 242 of file hashtable_policy.h.


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