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subroutine ssycon_3 (UPLO, N, A, LDA, E, IPIV, ANORM, RCOND, WORK, IWORK, INFO)

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subroutine ssycon_3 (character UPLO, integer N, real, dimension( lda, * ) A, integer LDA, real, dimension( * ) E, integer, dimension( * ) IPIV, real ANORM, real RCOND, real, dimension( * ) WORK, integer, dimension( * ) IWORK, integer INFO)



 SSYCON_3 estimates the reciprocal of the condition number (in the
 1-norm) of a real symmetric matrix A using the factorization
 computed by DSYTRF_RK or DSYTRF_BK:

    A = P*U*D*(U**T)*(P**T) or A = P*L*D*(L**T)*(P**T),

 where U (or L) is unit upper (or lower) triangular matrix,
 U**T (or L**T) is the transpose of U (or L), P is a permutation
 matrix, P**T is the transpose of P, and D is symmetric and block
 diagonal with 1-by-1 and 2-by-2 diagonal blocks.

 An estimate is obtained for norm(inv(A)), and the reciprocal of the
 condition number is computed as RCOND = 1 / (ANORM * norm(inv(A))).
 This routine uses BLAS3 solver SSYTRS_3.


          UPLO is CHARACTER*1
          Specifies whether the details of the factorization are
          stored as an upper or lower triangular matrix:
          = 'U':  Upper triangular, form is A = P*U*D*(U**T)*(P**T);
          = 'L':  Lower triangular, form is A = P*L*D*(L**T)*(P**T).


          N is INTEGER
          The order of the matrix A.  N >= 0.


          A is REAL array, dimension (LDA,N)
          Diagonal of the block diagonal matrix D and factors U or L
          as computed by SSYTRF_RK and SSYTRF_BK:
            a) ONLY diagonal elements of the symmetric block diagonal
               matrix D on the diagonal of A, i.e. D(k,k) = A(k,k);
               (superdiagonal (or subdiagonal) elements of D
                should be provided on entry in array E), and
            b) If UPLO = 'U': factor U in the superdiagonal part of A.
               If UPLO = 'L': factor L in the subdiagonal part of A.


          LDA is INTEGER
          The leading dimension of the array A.  LDA >= max(1,N).


          E is REAL array, dimension (N)
          On entry, contains the superdiagonal (or subdiagonal)
          elements of the symmetric block diagonal matrix D
          with 1-by-1 or 2-by-2 diagonal blocks, where
          If UPLO = 'U': E(i) = D(i-1,i),i=2:N, E(1) not referenced;
          If UPLO = 'L': E(i) = D(i+1,i),i=1:N-1, E(N) not referenced.

          NOTE: For 1-by-1 diagonal block D(k), where
          1 <= k <= N, the element E(k) is not referenced in both
          UPLO = 'U' or UPLO = 'L' cases.


          IPIV is INTEGER array, dimension (N)
          Details of the interchanges and the block structure of D
          as determined by SSYTRF_RK or SSYTRF_BK.


          ANORM is REAL
          The 1-norm of the original matrix A.


          RCOND is REAL
          The reciprocal of the condition number of the matrix A,
          computed as RCOND = 1/(ANORM * AINVNM), where AINVNM is an
          estimate of the 1-norm of inv(A) computed in this routine.


          WORK is REAL array, dimension (2*N)


          IWORK is INTEGER array, dimension (N)


          INFO is INTEGER
          = 0:  successful exit
          < 0:  if INFO = -i, the i-th argument had an illegal value

Univ. of Tennessee

Univ. of California Berkeley

Univ. of Colorado Denver

NAG Ltd.


  June 2017,  Igor Kozachenko,
                  Computer Science Division,
                  University of California, Berkeley

  September 2007, Sven Hammarling, Nicholas J. Higham, Craig Lucas,
                  School of Mathematics,
                  University of Manchester

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