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subroutine sstein (N, D, E, M, W, IBLOCK, ISPLIT, Z, LDZ, WORK, IWORK, IFAIL, INFO)

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subroutine sstein (integer N, real, dimension( * ) D, real, dimension( * ) E, integer M, real, dimension( * ) W, integer, dimension( * ) IBLOCK, integer, dimension( * ) ISPLIT, real, dimension( ldz, * ) Z, integer LDZ, real, dimension( * ) WORK, integer, dimension( * ) IWORK, integer, dimension( * ) IFAIL, integer INFO)



 SSTEIN computes the eigenvectors of a real symmetric tridiagonal
 matrix T corresponding to specified eigenvalues, using inverse

 The maximum number of iterations allowed for each eigenvector is
 specified by an internal parameter MAXITS (currently set to 5).


          N is INTEGER
          The order of the matrix.  N >= 0.


          D is REAL array, dimension (N)
          The n diagonal elements of the tridiagonal matrix T.


          E is REAL array, dimension (N-1)
          The (n-1) subdiagonal elements of the tridiagonal matrix
          T, in elements 1 to N-1.


          M is INTEGER
          The number of eigenvectors to be found.  0 <= M <= N.


          W is REAL array, dimension (N)
          The first M elements of W contain the eigenvalues for
          which eigenvectors are to be computed.  The eigenvalues
          should be grouped by split-off block and ordered from
          smallest to largest within the block.  ( The output array
          W from SSTEBZ with ORDER = 'B' is expected here. )


          IBLOCK is INTEGER array, dimension (N)
          The submatrix indices associated with the corresponding
          eigenvalues in W; IBLOCK(i)=1 if eigenvalue W(i) belongs to
          the first submatrix from the top, =2 if W(i) belongs to
          the second submatrix, etc.  ( The output array IBLOCK
          from SSTEBZ is expected here. )


          ISPLIT is INTEGER array, dimension (N)
          The splitting points, at which T breaks up into submatrices.
          The first submatrix consists of rows/columns 1 to
          ISPLIT( 1 ), the second of rows/columns ISPLIT( 1 )+1
          through ISPLIT( 2 ), etc.
          ( The output array ISPLIT from SSTEBZ is expected here. )


          Z is REAL array, dimension (LDZ, M)
          The computed eigenvectors.  The eigenvector associated
          with the eigenvalue W(i) is stored in the i-th column of
          Z.  Any vector which fails to converge is set to its current
          iterate after MAXITS iterations.


          LDZ is INTEGER
          The leading dimension of the array Z.  LDZ >= max(1,N).


          WORK is REAL array, dimension (5*N)


          IWORK is INTEGER array, dimension (N)


          IFAIL is INTEGER array, dimension (M)
          On normal exit, all elements of IFAIL are zero.
          If one or more eigenvectors fail to converge after
          MAXITS iterations, then their indices are stored in
          array IFAIL.


          INFO is INTEGER
          = 0: successful exit.
          < 0: if INFO = -i, the i-th argument had an illegal value
          > 0: if INFO = i, then i eigenvectors failed to converge
               in MAXITS iterations.  Their indices are stored in
               array IFAIL.

Internal Parameters:

  MAXITS  INTEGER, default = 5
          The maximum number of iterations performed.

  EXTRA   INTEGER, default = 2
          The number of iterations performed after norm growth
          criterion is satisfied, should be at least 1.

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December 2016

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