socket_listen man page

socket_listen — attempt to make a TCP connection


#include <socket.h>

int socket_listen(int s,int n);


socket_listen prepares TCP socket s to accept TCP connections. It allows a backlog of approximately n TCP SYNs. (On systems supporting SYN cookies, the backlog is irrelevant.) Normally socket_listen returns 0.

If anything goes wrong, socket_listen returns -1, setting errno appropriately.


#include <socket.h>

int s;
char ip[16];
uint16 p;

if ((s=socket_tcp6())==-1)
strerr_die2sys(111,FATAL,"unable to create TCP socket: ");
if (socket_bind6_reuse(s,(char *)V6any,8002,0) == -1)
strerr_die2sys(111,FATAL,"unable to bind: ");
if (socket_listen(s,1) == -1)
strerr_die2sys(111,FATAL,"unable to listen: ");

See Also

socket_connect4(3), socket_connect6(3)


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