socket_fastopen - Man Page

enable TCP Fast Open on a server-side TCP socket


#include <socket.h>

int socket_fastopen(int s);


socket_fastopen enables TCP Fast Open support on a server-side TCP socket.  Call this before socket_listen().  If the platform does not support this functionality, returns -1 and sets errno to ENOPROTOOPT (or ENOSYS if the platform does not define ENOPROTOOPT).

Normally socket_fastopen returns 0. If anything goes wrong, socket_fastopen returns -1, setting errno appropriately.


 #include <socket.h>

 int s;
 char ip[4];
 uint16 p;

 s = socket_tcp4b();

See Also

socket_fastopen_connect4(3), socket_fastopen_connect6(3)

Referenced By

socket_fastopen_connect4(3), socket_fastopen_connect6(3), socket_quickack(3).