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socket_connect6 - Man Page

attempt to make a TCP connection


#include <socket.h>

int socket_connect6(int s, const char ip[16],
                   uint16 port,uint32 scope_id);


socket_connect6 attempts to make a connection from TCP socket s to TCP port port on IP address ip.

The meaning of scope_id is dependent on the implementation and IPv6 IP.  On link-local IPv6 addresses it specifies the outgoing interface index.  The name (e.g. "eth0") for a given interface index can be queried with getifname.  scope_id should normally be set to 0.

socket_connect6 may return

When a background connection succeeds or fails, s becomes writable; you can use socket_connected to see whether the connection succeeded.  If the connection failed, socket_connected returns 0, setting errno appropriately.

Once a TCP socket is connected, you can use the read and write system calls to transmit data.

You can call socket_connect6 without calling socket_bind6.  This has the effect as first calling socket_bind6 with IP address :: and port 0.


 #include <socket.h>

 int s;
 char ip[16];
 uint16 p;

 s = socket_tcp6();

See Also

socket_connect4(3), socket_fastopen_connect6(3), socket_getifname(3)

Referenced By

socket_connect4(3), socket_fastopen_connect6(3), socket_getifidx(3), socket_getifname(3), socket_listen(3).