socket_bind4 - Man Page

set the local IP address and port of a socket


#include <socket.h>

int socket_bind4(int s,char ip[4],uint16 port);


socket_bind4 sets the local IP address and TCP/UDP port of a TCP/UDP socket s to ip and port respectively.

If the IP address is, the operating system chooses a local IP address.  If port is 0, the operating system chooses a port.

Normally socket_bind4 returns 0. If anything goes wrong, socket_bind4 returns -1, setting errno appropriately.


 #include <socket.h>

 int s;
 char ip[4];
 uint16 p;

 s = socket_tcp4();

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socket_bind6(3), socket_sctp4(3), socket_sctp4b(3), socket_sctp6(3), socket_sctp6b(3), socket_tcp4(3), socket_tcp4b(3), socket_tcp6(3), socket_tcp6b(3), socket_udp4(3), socket_udp6(3).