snobol4sqlite3 - Man Page

SQLITE3 interface for SNOBOL4


-INCLUDE 'sqlite3.sno'



opens a database and returns a database handle or failure.


closes database and returns empty string or failure.


Returns an SQLITE3 error string or failure if the handle is invalid.


Returns an integer or failure if the handle is invalid.

SQLITE3_PREPARE(db_handle,SQL[,params ...])

Parses an SQL statement and optionally binds positional parameters to it. Call SQLITE3_ROW_ARRAY() or SQLITE3_ROW_TABLE() to fetch a row of results once all parameters have been bound. Returns a statement handle or failure.

SQLITE3_BIND_ANY(st_handle,  position,  value)

Binds value at (one-based) position to a prepared SQL statement. Returns null string or failure.

SQLITE3_BIND_BLOB(st_handle, position, value)

Binds value to (one-based) position as a BLOB value to prepared SQL statement. Returns null string or failure.

SQLITE3_BIND_MANY(st_handle, values ...)

Binds multiple positional parameter values to a prepared SQL statement. Returns null string or failure.


Returns the number of parameters required by a prepared SQL statement, or fails.

SQLITE3_BIND_PARAMETER_NAME(st_handle,  position)

Returns the name (if any) for the parameter position number in a prepared SQL statement.


Returns the positional index for named parameter name in prepared SQL statement.


Use this routine to reset all parameter bindings to NULL.


Reset a prepared statement back to its initial state, ready to be re-executed. Any SQL statement variables that had values bound to them retain their values. Use sqlite3_clear_bindings() to reset the bindings.


Release (delete) a statement handle.

SQLITE3_EXEC(db_handle,SQL statement(s))

Run one or more SQL statements that do not require parameters.


Returns an ARRAY with a row of statement results or fails.


Returns an ARRAY with SQL statement result column names or fails.


Returns a TABLE with statement results indexed by column name or fails.

See Also

snobol4(1), sqlite3(1)

Referenced By

snobol4(1), snobol4ndbm(3), snolib(3).

March 31, 2022 CSNOBOL4B 2.3.1 CSNOBOL4 Manual