skipSearch - Man Page

search a skip list.


#include <util/skiplist.h>
void *skipSearch(skipList list, UINT32 key, void **plock);


list - list to search in.
key - key to look for.
plock - place for value lock (or NULL).


Searches for <key> in <list>, and returns value if  found, or NULL if not.  If <plock> is non-NULL, then the lock returned in <plock> will be associated with the returned value.  Until this lock is passed to skipRelease(), the value will not be freed with the freeValue callback (see skipNewList()).

MT-Level: Safe if <list> thread-safe.

Return Value

plock - set to value lock.

See Also

skipDelete(3), skipFreeList(3), skipRelease(3), skipInsert(3), skipSearch(3), skipNext(3), skipNewList

Referenced By

skipDelete(3), skipFreeList(3), skipInsert(3), skipNewList(3), skipNext(3), skipRelease(3).

12 July 2007 ClearSilver util/skiplist.h