skipRelease man page

skipRelease — release lock on value.


#include <util/skiplist.h>
void skipRelease(skipList list, void *lock);


list - list containing value to release.
lock - lock to release.


Releases the lock on the value associated with <lock>. Once the lock is released, the freeValue callback can be called and the item freed (see skipNewList()).

MT-Level: Safe if <list> thread-safe.

See Also

skipDelete(3), skipFreeList(3), skipRelease(3), skipInsert(3), skipSearch(3), skipNext(3), skipNewList

Referenced By

skipDelete(3), skipFreeList(3), skipInsert(3), skipNewList(3), skipNext(3), skipSearch(3).

12 July 2007 ClearSilver util/skiplist.h