selabel_stats man page

selabel_stats — obtain SELinux labeling statistics


#include <selinux/selinux.h>
#include <selinux/label.h>

void selabel_stats(struct selabel_handle *hnd);


selabel_stats() causes zero or more messages to be printed containing backend-specific information about number of queries performed, number of unused entries, or other operational information.

The messages are printed to standard error by default; a custom logging function can be provided via selinux_set_callback(3).


Eamon Walsh <>

See Also

selabel_open(3), selabel_lookup(3), selinux_set_callback(3), selinux(8)

Referenced By

selabel_db(5), selabel_file(5), selabel_lookup(3), selabel_lookup_best_match(3), selabel_media(5), selabel_open(3), selabel_partial_match(3), selabel_x(5).

18 Jun 2007 SELinux API documentation