seccomp_release - Man Page

Release the seccomp filter state


#include <seccomp.h>

typedef void * scmp_filter_ctx;

void seccomp_release(scmp_filter_ctx ctx);

Link with -lseccomp.


Releases the seccomp filter in ctx which was first initialized by seccomp_init(3) or seccomp_reset(3) and frees any memory associated with the given seccomp filter context. Any seccomp filters loaded into the kernel are not affected.

Return Value

Does not return a value.


#include <seccomp.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
	int rc;
	scmp_filter_ctx ctx;

	ctx = seccomp_init(SCMP_ACT_KILL);
	if (ctx == NULL)
		return 1;

	/* ... */

	return 0;


While the seccomp filter can be generated independent of the kernel, kernel support is required to load and enforce the seccomp filter generated by libseccomp.

The libseccomp project site, with more information and the source code repository, can be found at  This tool, as well as the libseccomp library, is currently under development, please report any bugs at the project site or directly to the author.


Paul Moore <>

See Also

seccomp_init(3), seccomp_reset(3)

Referenced By

seccomp_export_bpf(3), seccomp_init(3), seccomp_load(3), seccomp_merge(3).

25 July 2012 libseccomp Documentation